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05 August 2009

Stories & Tidbits about Le Chic Boutique

What is LCB About?

Le Chic Boutique was born of a dream.
A dream to dress ladies and make them beautiful.
A dream to dress ladies in chic and stylish clothes
It could be the trendy IT item of the season, or that good comfort-inducing classic which stands the test of time (and trials, and meetings, and gatherings, and get what we mean)

Clothes are very much a part of our lives at Le Chic Boutique.
Clothes stay with us through good and bad times.
They remind us of that wonderful meeting we had because we were dressed so right.
They bring us the giggles (yes, we're still girls at heart) because of the great fun we had with our gal pals.
They give us that extra ooze of romanticism when we need them. *wink*
They withstand the tests of our babies', erm, pukes, albeit temporarily. (Ok, must qualify - this does not apply to all ladies reading)

So, that's why, there's always room for one more lovely dress, not because of the dress / blouse in and of itself, but because of the potential you see in it, where it can bring you, what it can do for you. (This is something which some men don't get..., right?)

And that's where we at Le Chic Boutique come in.
To serve and help you find that dress or blouse or outfit or complementary accessories. So that you're free to get on with the other things that you need to do.
Because, at Le Chic Boutique, it's not about the dress.
It's about dressing you (TM).

Some Titbits about Le Chic Boutique

Le Chic is derived from the French word 'chic'. According to Collins Cobuild Dictionary, it means Fashionable and Sophisticated.
Don't we all love to look fashionable and sophisticated?
Le Chic Boutique aims to bring out Le Chic in you.

Le Chic Boutique is managed by yours truly, Dawn, who is a Stay-at-Home-Mum and one mammoth of a 'shopoclothic' (LCB word invention) - I'm sure you would have guessed by now.
I've always wanted to set up a boutique, as far back as a decade ago. 
But because I was working 14-hr days, and after which, busy becoming a mummy to three lovely children, this dream was put on hold till now. 

The lovely custom header of the website is a photo taken right in the very bedroom of my humble abode, by my supportive hubby.  It features the very first premier collection of Le Chic Boutique, which was started in Aug 2009. Being the first collection, it symbolises what this boutique means to me. :)

So you enjoy shopping; while I enjoy living my dream! :)

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