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01 September 2010

Shh...Clever Cover Ups!

We ladies have it good when it comes to cover-ups! 
No, I don't mean make-up (even though that's also true)
This week, LCB features all the nifty inventions and their variations we have at our disposal!

Well, there's the cape.
 This season's latest takes a nod to the equestrian world. Wear it with a light touch (think lace!) 

We've got tippets
These came all the way from the 14th century (yes, that far back! When it also flowed longer to the knees) - the little scarf-like wraps add style to your outfit but very little weight (be it in your bag or on you). 

Of course, we have our faithful cardigans
Wear them buttoned in the top 3 buttons and let the rest flow down the body, this creates  the most flattering shape! Or cinch a belt around longer cardigans to better define your curves. 

How about trying a light coat
This is a great alternative when you're tired of a jacket but find the cardigans too informal. The light coat is, well, light enough for our weather, but structured enough to be formal. What more can we ask...?

Or perhaps an innovative vest
Want something different? How about an outerwear which disguises like a vest, but works like a cardigan? 

Plus! Add the myriad of details of styling (think lace, ruffles, gems, folds, knits, denims, glitters, drapes, cotton, rivets, paillets), it soon becomes clear that  our cover-up choices are, really, 
pretty endless!

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