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22 March 2011

Pants#84 DP2213 Laced Denim Shorts

Aww...! Denim shorts make it to my 'Essential Wardrobe' List because they're just so hard-wearing and comfortable. But these are a cut above the rest - feminine lace beautify the sturdy denim...Comfort with Beauty! Perfect with a simple tee or a slouchy blouse cinched at the waist!

Pants#84 DP2213 Laced Denim Shorts


littleblacksack said...

any more pictures of the grey color?

Le Chic Boutique said...

Hi littleblacksack,

Thank you for your interest. :) Unfortunately, I have only this picture at the moment for indicating the shade of grey. The lace patterns should be similar to that of the blue shorts. Thanks and do feel free to enquire if you have any more questions!

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